Preschool Classes

Developmental Preschool Gymnastics

Our goal for the preschool gymnastics program is to provide each child with a fun, safe environment where they can develop positive attitudes about learning and challenges. Tadpoles to Leapfrogs are exposed to all gymnastics events (floor, beam, vault, and bars) with special preschool sized equipment. We believe the highlight of our program, however, is the development of a positive learning attitude because this lays the foundation for all future learning situations, hence, learn, laugh, and grow!


(18 Months – 3 Years Old)
– 30 mins –

This class is structured to encourage parent/child interaction in a gymnastics environment. The parent(s) aid their children by providing spotting assistance and helping to keep them focused. These tiny gymnasts learn gym safety and basic gymnastics skills on bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. We focus on balance, strength, coordination, motor skill development, social interaction, and having fun!

This class requires one parent/adult.


Lil' Hoppers

(3 Years Old)
– 45 mins –

This class is without parents. Emphasis will be on gymnastic movements, coordination, strength, and fun. A few of the skills we hope your child gains from participating are: taking turns, coordination, self-esteem, self-confidence, following directions, and working well with others. We incorporate gymnastics and physical fitness by learning forward rolls, donkey kicks, cartwheel concept, walking on a floor beam, and hang/hold on a single bar.


Leap Frogs

(4 – 5 Years Old)
– 45 mins –

This class is designed for the young beginning gymnast. Our focus is to teach the proper drills, skills, and conditioning appropriate for this age group. Students in this class are learning cartwheel, bridges, handstands, kicks/squats on a floor beam, hang/holds on a single bar, and more.